Backchannel communication

“Backchannel communication is a secondary conversation that takes place at the same time as a conference session, lecture, or instructor-led learning activity. This might involve students using a chat tool or Twitter to discuss a lecture as it is happening, and these background conversations are increasingly being brought into the foreground of lecture interaction. Digital […]

Training Under-way!

We are in the midst of our first training month for this new environment. Our faculty members have been amazing champions of the migration process and have been working and supporting one another throughout this process. The system administrators are currently working on testing a new update (Service Pack 1) as well as work through […]

Helpdesk is now BB9 Ready!

The company that Valencia uses for its after hours helpdesk has now provided a knowledgebase of frequently asked questions for both WebCT and Blackboard 9.1 users!  Faculty and staff members who are interested in more info should email or call our afterhours service for WebCThelp.