Blackboard Known Issue: Drag and Drop Not Working in Course Menu, Content Areas, and Grade Center

Following the recent Blackboard Upgrade, we have received several reports that drag and drop reordering in the Course Navigation menu, Content areas, and Grade Center is not working as expected in some courses.

Solution/ Workaround:

  • Click on the Keyboard Accessible Reorder button.Blackboard Keyboard Accessible Reorder button
    • In the Content Areas (such as Announcements, Content, Start Here, etc) this tool is in the top-right corner of the page.
    • In the Grade Center Column Organization area, this is located on the right side of each grading section.
    • In the course navigation menu, this tool is in the top right corner of the menu.
  • In the Reorder pop-up menu, highlight the item you would like to move.
  • Click on the up/ down arrows to reorder the highlighted item.Blackboard Keyboard Accessible Reorder Arrows
  • Click Submit to apply the change.
Blackboard Course Menu Refresh Button

If you are still unable to reorder your items, click on the Refresh button.

After refreshing, the reordering feature should work as expected.

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