Blackboard Video Migration – Deadline May 2nd, 2016

Kaltura – Valencia’s New Video Storage and Delivery Platform

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Since October 2015 we have been introducing and facilitating the migration of videos from the legacy Adobe Media Server to Kaltura, Valencia’s new video storage and delivery platform.

For the past several months we have worked together with multiple departments and individual faculty and staff to ensure the continued availability of online videos after this migration.  As announced in October and as detailed on the Kaltura resource website, the Adobe Media Server will be decommissioned at the end of the Spring term:

Adobe Media Server End of Life – May 2nd, 2016

The Adobe Media Server will no longer stream videos as of May 2nd, 2016. All videos that were saved to the Adobe Media Server have been migrated to Kaltura. Any links to videos hosted by that server will no longer function.

This does NOT impact any videos hosted by Kaltura, or other 3rd party sites such as YouTube, Films On Demand, Intelecom, etc.

If your course has videos that stop working after May 1st, please contact us at onlinehelp or visit one of the Centers for Teaching/Learning Innovation for assistance with completing your video migration.


Kaltura My Media

We have made a resource website available at

This website contains the implementation timeline, as well as how-to videos and documents explaining how to use all of Kaltura’s key features.

Curious about Kaltura? Here are Kaltura’s top 5 features available to you today:

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