Kaltura – Valencia’s New Video Delivery Platform

Over the years Valencia has used different video delivery platforms in order to provide a quality video experience in our Blackboard courses and other video needs at the college.

As those needs, expectations, and technologies change, we sometimes find that a current platform no longer measures up. After an exhaustive search and testing period, Kaltura has been selected to be our new video delivery platform and replace Adobe Media Server.

Kaltura is an industry-leading open source video delivery platform serving education, media, and enterprise users.

Kaltura My Media

Videos in Blackboard Courses
Due to this change in platforms, any videos that are currently living in the Adobe Media server (video links that contain webflash.valenciacollege.edu as part of the URL) will need to be updated.

We have worked hard to make sure that this process is quick and easy, and that you will be supported through every step.

In the near future we will send another email with specific instructions for those who are affected by this transition.

The current Adobe Media server will be fully operational until at least the end of the Spring 2016 term.

Course Media Gallery

Other Features
We are able to leverage Kaltura’s platform to provide features and services that were not previously easily accessible to faculty and staff.

Faculty will be able to easily record live video, or upload media to Kaltura from within Blackboard. Imagine being able to create a video introduction for each weekly module, or respond to a student’s discussion post or assignment with video, all from the comfort of your office or home. Faculty will also have access to detailed analytics to measure engagement and drop-off points for each video.

In addition, the Kaltura video player supports closed captioning. If a captions file is added to a video, a CC button will appear on the player. This button will allow students to toggle captions on/off for the video.

In collaboration with multiple departments, Valencia will also introduce Play, a video-content portal with media for faculty, staff, and our visitors & friends.

We have made a resource website available at http://valenciacollege.edu/oit/learning-technology-services/faculty-resources/kaltura.cfm

This website contains a proposed implementation timeline, as well as how-to videos that explain some of the Blackboard features that are now available to all.

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