Bug Watch: YouTube Tools Currently Broken in Blackboard

**Update 7/21/15** The issues with the YouTube Mashup tool and Video Everywhere tool has been resolved. These functions should be working normal now. 

Blackboard is currently ( as of 5/7/15) having an issue with connecting to YouTube through its YouTube Mashup tool and Video Everywhere tool in both the text editor and  when creating new content. When trying to search, it will only display a single video referencing YouTube Device Support. This is a known issue with Blackboard and they are currently working to develop a fix. This is due to an API change by YouTube and is affecting all Blackboard clients. We will update this post when it has been fixed.

YouTube Search Result Issues BB

If you need to add any type of YouTube video for now, you will need to embed the YouTube video embed code by utilizing the Text Editor’s HTML in Blackboard or just link to the video using a standard hyperlink.

Below are steps to embed a YouTube video in Blackboard.

Step 1: Copy the embed code from YouTube.com for the video you want to embed into your course. 

Copy YouTube Embed Code



Step 2: Click on the HTML button inside the Text Editor in Blackboard to add to content item, test, assessment, announcement, assignment, and more. 

View in HTML Blackboard Text Editor


Step 3: Paste Embed Code copied from YouTube.com in HTML code view and update. 

Paste Embed Code in HTML Code View

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