Blackboard Ate My Content!

blackboard_logo-270wModern browsers can do some pretty amazing things. They can display content in a consistent manner across all of your devices, remember your credentials, save your bookmarks and favorites and even keep you secure while browsing the Web. But keeping you secure is no easy feat! Many factors are at play.

One of the features that browsers employ to keep you secure is the blocking of unsecured content in websites that are supposed to be secure. For example, suppose you accessed your bank account on the Web, which is, of course, secure. Further, suppose that someone had hacked into the bank’s website and placed a very convincing text box that asked you to type your username and password. Unbeknownst to you, that username and password is sent away from the bank’s secure servers and into the hands of a password thief. But, here comes your browser to the rescue. Any modern browser would automatically block that unsecure form inside of the secure web page. Your Web browser saves the day!

It is this very same feature that is responsible for gobbling up content inside some Blackboard courses. Any service that uses your ATLAS username and password lives in a secure server, including Blackboard Learn. When a course contains an embedded video, for example, but that video lives in an unsecured server, your browser will block that content. It’s an unforgiving superhero — whether you need saving or not.

Fortunately, there are several workarounds available.

The first workaround involves the user of the course. Click here to learn how you, as the user, can view content that has been blocked.

Another workaround requires you to be the instructor of the course. When creating links to content outside of Blackboard Learn, it is recommended that you set the content to open in a new window. The Web browser will not block content that is opened in a new window since the user can see the web address and will know whether or not it is secure.

blackboard-screenshot-groveSo, the next time you’re yelling at your Web browser, just remember, it’s only trying to protect you.

For more information on using Blackboard Learn send an email to or click here to go to the Blackboard Learn It! Web page.

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