Blackboard Bug Watch: Fill In The Blank Answers Marked Incorrect When Using Exact Match

After the latest update to the Blackboard SP14 Assessment and Assignment Building Blocks, there has been issues with Fill in the Blank or Fill in the Multiple Blank questions not grading correctly for students. Even after students have answered the questions with one of the possible correct answers, it marks the question incorrect.

The temporary fix is to change the answer options to “Contains” instead of “Exact Match”. This will correct any of those who were marked wrong and will regrade the test questions based on the correct answers. This can be change by editing the test, editing the question, and editing the answers to the fill in the blank question to be set to “Contains”.

Fill In the Blank Answer Bug in Blackboard

Blackboard has acknowledged this as a known issue and will shortly be releasing an update to the Assessment and Assignment Building Blocks. Until this time, the temporary fix mentioned above or to manually grading those “Fill in the Blank” or “Fill in the Multiple Blank” questions will be needed.

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