Valencia Bug Watch: Video Everywhere issues in Discussions and Assignments

Valencia Bug Watch

A few bugs have been discovered as faculty and students start using the new Video Everywhere tool that easily integrates YouTube into Blackboard for recording and posting videos.

Discussion postings made by students using video everywhere do not have a REPLY button when posted as embedded. The Video Everywhere does not work for students when inserted as a thumbnail either. Students are able to record video which is uploaded to YouTube using Video Everywhere, but the video does not embed into the edited item. Therefore the students are unable to play the video.

The work around is to have them submit a link to their video.

Once a discussion post has been “broken” like this, it cannot be fixed.   This is a “known issue” but Blackboard does not currently have a fix for it. Scheduled to be fixed in a future release.

Bug Video Everywhere Tool in Discussion Missing Reply


The second issue is regarding assignment submissions made using “Video Everywhere” cannot be easily graded in Blackboard.  The grading page is messed up and you cannot save your changes. We have an open case with Blackboard regarding this issue.  In the meanwhile, the only work around for grading is to locate the student in the grade center, find the column for their submission, click on the pull down menu next to the green exclamation mark and select “View Grade Details”, then click on EDIT GRADE.  You can access any rubrics from there and give them feedback. This is a “known issue” but Blackboard does not currently have a fix for it. Scheduled to be fixed in a future release.


Grading Video Everywhere Bug Bb SP11

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