Library Links in Blackboard Made Simple

Adding links to digital library items such as articles, ebooks, and videos can be a pain at Valencia, since it has required in the past for students to log into their account a second time.

Now it’s simple to add links without students and faculty having to log into the library system again, once they are logged into Blackboard.

A new tool has been added to Blackboard called “Links to Library Content”.

Library LINCC SSO Blackboard Tools

Using this tool, faculty can create a link for students and faculty to link right into various digital library materials without having to sign into the library system again.

Library LINCC SSO Blackboard

Now you might be wondering on how you can find the library links needed to create these new content links in Blackboard.

Follow the simple steps from the short YouTube videos below.

The Playlist includes 5 different quick videos to get you started with various types of links.

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