Updates to Course Copy for Blackboard Learn 9.1 SP9

The course copy process has changed a little, giving additional options under Settings. Instructors should be able to click settings (or select all) to get the sub settings they have access to copy in this process (Banner Image, Language Pack, and Navigation Settings). Faculty should not click the other Settings sub options, it will produce an error and won’t let you submit to perform a copy.

Course Copy Setting Options

If you want to copy the entire course, just click the SELECT ALL button. This will select all the options an instructor has privileges to copy from one course to another. It’s the easiest way to make sure all the item are copied into the other course.

Course Copy Select All Option

Here is the error produced. This means “Availability”  has been clicked under settings. Availability cannot be changed by instructors and won’t let the course copy process proceed.

Course Copy Error

It’s important to calculate the size of your course before submitting a course copy. Many times a course’s file manager can grow in size without knowing the true size of your course. This can slow down the system and have many unnecessary files in your file manager. This can be checked in the course copy process with step 3 (File Attachments). Click on the button “Calculate Size”.

Course Copy Check Course Size

If the content in your course is over 1 GB, please contact ONLINEHELP for assistance in reducing the file size of your course.

Course Copy - File Size over 1 Gig

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