NSE-Strategic Planning Team-Feedback Requested On Personal Connection

Below, please find the goal and objectives for the NSE Strategic Planning Team work on Personal Connection.  Your feedback is requested.

Personal Connection: The deliberate investment of time and engagement with students and colleagues to ensure a sense of Valencia Community.

Goal: Establish personal connections for all new students across the College


  1. Build opportunities for enhanced collaboration with Student Development.
  2. Provide students with personalized connections to the College
    • Assign an Admissions Advisor to students to help them navigate the enrollment process.
    • Develop personalized messages that address students by name and are specific to them.
    • Incorporate a lesson into the NSE Course that encourages students to find a mentor and reflect on the value of personal connection.
    • Find ways to make faculty and staff more identifiable to students (names, lanyards)
      • And accessible – Walking around, engaging with students, and talk to them.
  1. Provide opportunities for career exploration outside of the NSE Course. Create opportunities that allow…
    • Students to meet with program advisor at least twice within first year at Valencia.
    • Students to meet with faculty or professional in field to explore career and reflect on it.
    • Students to visit career and workforce office to get career counseling.
    • Students to visit internship and workforce office to discuss internship opportunities.
    • Students the ability to engage in job shadowing or mentoring
      • Organize program similar– Take stock in Valencia

(i.e. Legal department à Paralegal students, Security à CJI)

  1. Schedule courses by cohort to foster sense of community within a program. Force interaction/engagement between and among new students.
  2. Market fitness center and fitness courses to faculty and staff – Workout together
    • UFit activities to include faculty and staff to participate with students



2 Responses to “NSE-Strategic Planning Team-Feedback Requested On Personal Connection”

  1. Yes, it is essential for students to have an Admissions Advisor, but it is also essential for them to have an Academic Advisor orienting them as to what courses they must take each semester to fulfill the requirements for their degree program.

  2. Christie Miller

    1) How can we accomplish this? We could have a passport system set up where students would complete each of the desired on-campus visits to include a program advisor, faculty or professional in field to explore career, career and workforce office, internship and workforce office, Atlas lab, library, the Depot/Learning Center, as Student Development activity, Ufit etc. Students could have a task to accomplish at each location. Upon completion of the task, the passport would be stamped at that location. Students would also post a reflection of what they learned at each location in the Atlas Portfolio. When students have accumulated all of the stamps and reflections, they would turn in the passport for a reward, scholarship, etc. Students could be assigned to a passport mentor to help them and encourage them through the visits. 2) Who should be involved to set up the system? Student Development, deans of each area, and faculty who currently do something similar. Who should implement the system? It could be introduced in NSE course with students selecting their own mentor. Student development could collect the passports. 3) How will we assess? The passports could be collected and the completion of it recorded in Banner. IR could run a report to see if the increased connection increases completion rates.


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