NSE-Strategic Planning Team-Feedback Requested On Other NSE-Related Goals

Below, please find the goal and objectives for the NSE Strategic Planning Team work on other NSE-related goals.  Your feedback is requested.


Other NSE-related Goal:


  1. Find ways to engage/support students who are not enrolled in the NSE course their first term.
    • Assign them to an advisor
    • Build opportunities for them outside of NSE Students who are in the NSE Course
  2. Develop specific strategies that we can share with students to help them identify a major, especially those students who have not identified a major after their first term.
  3. Develop an NSE marketing plan for prospective students
    1. Deliver in high schools
    2. Build on the NSE/Valencia website
  4. Examine NSE Course content
    • Shift paradigm to relate NSE course to A.S. degree seeking students that already chose a path and need more employability skills instead of college success only.
    • Embed more soft skills into course and co-curricular sessions.
    • How does the course address other non-traditional students?
  5. Address non-traditional students in A.S. degree programs and their needs.
    • Develop specific NSE courses. These are mature students that have different needs than 18 year olds from high school. (i.e. OST 1122, CSK 1122, PLA 1122).
    • Consider other non-traditional students like Veterans




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  1. Christie Miller

    1) How will we accomplish the goal? By linking the NSE course to some key front door courses, we can embed more soft skills, adjust the content to fit AS students, and meet the needs of other non-traditional students. For example, we could link the NSE course to
    Interpersonal Communication for AA students to embed soft skills.
    level 6 EAP classes to have an EAP cohort.
    key AS first semester courses.
    With these links the content could meet the needs of the specific students enrolled in those courses.
    2) Who should be involved? NSE professors, other front door faculty who want to link
    3) How do we assess? IR can run reports on the success of the students in the linked vs not linked NSE courses


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