NSE-Strategic Planning Team-Feedback Requested On Meta-Majors and Guided Pathways

Below, please find the goal and objectives for the NSE Strategic Planning Team work on Meta-Majors and Guided Pathways.  Your feedback is requested.

Meta-Majors and Guided Pathways –

Goal: Create NSE meta-major options


  1. Develop skill shops/workshops for students that will allow them to explore meta-majors in greater depth.
    • Consider – How can we get this into high schools and middle schools?
    • Partner with the community (business, employees, non-profits) to offer skill shop or create a co-curricular focused on job prospects based on predicted careers (ICAMR). This could be through career center, service learning or internship. (Ask Robyn for clarification)
  2. Create the “handoff” mechanism between the NSE course and the assigned advisor.
  3. LinC offerings throughout the first year that align with specific meta-majors.
  4. Leverage Title V to develop meta-major pathways for students on their first year.
    • Be flexible to allow discipline specific content that complements NSE content
    • Develop “toolboxes” for these faculty members to help them deliver material customized to the meta-major.
  5. Partner with UCF to learn about meta-major options (careers).
  6. Consider developing cohort models for the NSE students.

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