NSE-Strategic Planning Team-Feedback Requested On LifeMap 2.0/MEP

Below, please find the goal and objectives for the NSE Strategic Planning Team work on LifeMap 2.0/MEP.  Your feedback is requested.

LifeMap 2.0/MEP –

Goal: Increase student use of MEP tool and development/support of the students’ education plan – outside of the SLS1122 course


  1. Encourage students to use MEP and register only for classes on their plan
    • Provide incentive (T-shirt, free sandwich, etc,) to students (1 time/semester) for running an MEP and registering for only the courses on it.
    • Build a tool within MEP 2.0 that will alert student when he registers for a course outside his plan.
    • Make sure MEP is tied to Registration Scheduler. Then make Registration Scheduler the default mechanism for registration.
    • Build an online module in NSO to introduce students to MEP; especially important to those students who won’t be in the NSE Course in their first term.
    • Provide workshops for existing students that have not had NSE course.
  2. Connect MEP to intro courses in meta-major area by faculty who espouse the need to stay on track in their program area.
  3. Option to allow a secondary advisor assigned to student – 1) CPA or transfer advisor 2) NSE Faculty
  4. Teach faculty how to use MEP:
    • Marketing of MEP 2.0 involving tutorials for all faculty (especially Start Right) with Blackboard course to be embedded.
  • Demos for Deans
  • Build a training module – embed as an assignment in Blackboard courses.
  1. Infuse MEP 2.0 as part of instruction in variety of disciplines.
    • PD Hours/Faculty Development for faculty to re-enforce tool in different ways.
    • Professional development credit CEU’s for Blackboard.
    • Mandate MEP in Start Right Courses
  2. Roadmap degree completion guide to ensure use of MEP 2.0 with tasks at various milestones (15, 25, 25).



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