NSE-Strategic Planning Team-Feedback Requested On Infusion of College Success Skills

Below, please find the goal and objectives for the NSE Strategic Planning Team work on Infusion of College Success Skills.  Your feedback is requested.

Infusion of College Success Skills –

Goal: Infuse college success Skills in Start Right courses


  1. Integrate experiential learning opportunities within Start Right classes that enhance college success skills. (i.e. math tutoring, writing center).
    • Hire tutors that would specialize in study skills within Start Right Courses.
    • Enhance online resources available to students to increase access.
  2. Make deliberate alignment/connection between College Success Skills and Start Right courses.
    • Destination summer work/opportunity
    • Provide overview of which College Success Skills are being incorporated into which Start Right courses.
    • Develop tutorial videos – “how to” activity to develop specific study skills within a discipline.
    • Develop a “Toolbox” from which faculty can pull assignments and activities to incorporate and align with College Success Skills list.
  3. Align entry level courses (Start Right) with meta-majors or areas of interest (i.e. Nursing intro with math, Humanities with math).
    • CARE/LinC opportunities
  4. Incorporate co-curricular partnerships to alleviate classroom burden and adding content to an overly robust existing curriculum.


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