NSE-Strategic Planning Team-Feedback Requested On Enhanced, Year-Long Experience

Below, please find the goal and objectives for the NSE Strategic Planning Team work on Enhanced, Year-Long Experience.  Your feedback is requested.

Enhanced, year-long Experience –

Goal: Develop a year-long experience for new students – outside of the SLS1122 Course


  1. Create a New Student Experience!
    • Provide an online space for new students at Valencia.
      • Facebook for first year students by meta-major.
      • Develop shared experiences where only “new” students (1st or 2nd term) are invited where they would feel like they are not on an island and that they know how to be a college student. (virtual as in discussion online or in-person, i.e. student development)
      • Do a Student development registration block party/fair for new students
    • Implement a convocation during the first semester of enrollment and sign it in such a way that is highly engaging.
    • NSE hotline – Designated trained individuals to maintain contact and answer questions from new students/direct them to the appropriate location.
      • Create an NSE Welcome Team – All year round, not just at beginning.
        • Establish opportunities for interactions with engaged students at Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts
          • Students share experiences; Welcome Team answers questions
        • Create “Pit Stops” on campus at which trained staff can help answer questions; look up where students are at to help keep them on track.
        • Create incentives for students to encourage them to move along path. (15-30-45 credits)
          • Graphically represented and earn something along the way – similar to “UCF Pathways” with avatar
          • Introduced at the end of NSE course
        • Offer more evening programs/events for new students.
        • Personalized emails to NSE students about campus college-wide NSE activities
  1. Enhance and expand the co-curricular certificates.
  2. NSE Alumni Association with reunions to stay connected.
    • Invite NSE Alumni to serve as mentors for incoming NSE students
  3. NSE peer mentoring – Success coaches to advance to new level (above)
    • Peer to peer and at graduation use student leader model.
    • Discuss at day one to incentivize – 30 minutes/6 pt – This would keep coaches connected to NSE Faculty.




2 Responses to “NSE-Strategic Planning Team-Feedback Requested On Enhanced, Year-Long Experience”

  1. Christie Miller

    The passport suggestion posted in Personal Connection would meet this. The first year, students would work toward completing the campus visits. Perhaps this passport could a co-curricular certificate. See post in Personal Connection for details of who should be involved and assessment.

  2. Christie Miller

    Have MEP part of the passport program so that it can be reinforced at each of the on-campus visits.


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