On-line Learning- Working Theory, Vision Statement, and Goals (Drafts)

The On-line Learning Work Team drafted the following Working Theory, Vision Statement, and Goals for review.  Please feel free to comment.

Working Theory:

  • Students succeed in online/hybrid courses when decisions are informed, choices are clear, and quality learning and support experiences are consistently delivered.

Vision Statement (Updated):

  • Valencia is a leader in providing high quality online/hybrid learning and support experiences to a diverse group of students

Goals (New):

  • Establish a quality model of online/hybrid teaching at Valencia
  • Provide resources and guidelines for faculty and deans to incorporate quality course and curriculum design materials to enhance the online learning environment
  • Faculty will be prepared to deliver and design high quality online/hybrid courses
  • Students will be prepared to succeed in the online/hybrid learning environment
  • Develop comparable student service and learning support strategies for the 100% (fully) online learner at Valencia
  • Implement an on-going improvement cycle for online and hybrid learning that promotes informed decision-making
  • Deans, chairs and coordinators will be prepared to observe, evaluate and make data-informed decisions for online and hybrid courses.

One Response to “On-line Learning- Working Theory, Vision Statement, and Goals (Drafts)”

  1. Deidre Holmes DuBois

    The working theory would be clearer without the passive language. Whose decisions? Whose choices? And who’s delivering?


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