New Student Experience- Working Theory, Vision Statement, and Goals (Drafts)

The New Student Experience Work Team drafted the following Working Theory, Vision Statement,and Goals for review.  Please feel free to comment.

Working Theory:

  • Creating a comprehensive and holistic first-year experience that engages students’ academic pasts, strengthens the quality of student learning and engagement, and teaches students to establish and follow academic and personal goals for the future will increase student persistence, reduce time to graduation, and encourage students to embrace lifelong learning.

Vision Statement (Updated): 

  • The NSE will result in personal connections within and beyond curricular and co-curricular student engagement that lead to a successful completion of 18 college-level credits.

Goals (New):

  • Infuse college success Skills in Start Right courses
  • Establish personal connections for all new students across the College
  • Faculty will be prepared to deliver and design high quality online/hybrid courses

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  1. Dan Diehl

    To me, both feel like they need to be distilled or refined into more succinct ideas. The mission, vision, and working theory should guide decisions and therefore, must be concise and easy to remember.


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