Direct Connect 2.0- Working Theory, Vision Statement, and Goals (Drafts)

The Direct Connect 2.0 Work Team drafted the following Working Theory, Vision Statement, and Goals for review.  Please feel free to comment.

Working Theories (one to be selected):

  • Transfer readiness requires preparation

Vision Statements (Updated):

  • The Valencia/UCF Direct Connect partnership ensures that students are thoroughly prepared to successfully complete a bachelor’s degree

Goals (New):

  • Design systems for students to track their progress and readiness
  • Establish curricular alignment in specific programs, courses, and career pathways
  • Valencia will prepare faculty and staff to advise students and families in the transfer process
  • Prepare students for university experience
  • Develop and share a robust data process that informs decision making at UCF and Valencia

One Response to “Direct Connect 2.0- Working Theory, Vision Statement, and Goals (Drafts)”

  1. Graham Quirk

    I was absent the first meeting so if this was discussed then I apologize.
    I was thinking at our last meeting that we were looking at this in one direction in terms of how to increase graduation rates of our students at UCF. We focused on what we can do once students are at Valencia and then at UCF. A significant part of the problem we are trying to solve starts with the K-12 system. Is it worthwhile to ask what we can do for the students that have not enrolled yet? Is there anything we can do to help improve the caliber of the students coming out of the K-12 system? I am not sure and maybe it does not warrant discussion in this group but if we are talking dream big ideas I would love to see this side of the equation improve as it may significantly improve our students success when they do direct connect.


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