STEAM Challenges

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There are some very important issues facing our generation and those to follow.  Many of these issues involve the usage of water, energy, food and transportation.  The reality is we can’t just focus on one of these issues, they are all a part of the same system. Watch this 2 minute video that introduces the topic of sustainability.

This semester you have an opportunity to learn about some of these issues, share your ideas, and propose possible solutions.  This will also give you an opportunity to work with and build connections with peers who have similar interests; and an opportunity to learn about possible career paths in STEAM fields. In the end you can submit a short video that proposes a solution, the top videos will be chosen and those involved will earn the chance to attend a conference to learn more about sustainable practices. You can submit a video for one or more topics. The deadline for video submission is Friday November 4th, 2016.  For more details on submission requirements, visit “The Assignment” page.

We need to better understand the connections between growing enough food, meeting rising energy needs and providing ample clean water for people around the world. However, this isn’t just the responsibility of industry, corporations and governments. We, as individuals, have an important role to play. Our everyday food, water and energy choices have a profound effect on each other and the environment. The more we take these connections into consideration — the better our chances will be of achieving a sustainable future.

The available topics you can explore are all connected as a system. We have devoted a page for each issue. Of course, the problem(s) you choose to discuss in your video can (and probably should) involve at least two of the topics, but that is not a requirement. Visit the links at the top to learn about each topic and to see some examples of creative work already happening.