Updated Learning Technology Services Website is Live!

The Learning Technology Services site has been updated and upgraded with a new look and new navigation. Come checkout the new http://valenciacollege.edu/oit/learning-technology-services/ (formally http://valenciacollege.edu/oit/lts). This includes an easy to access homepage with quick links to key sections, an update feed from our blog postings, and information on getting help.   It might be time to check and update […]

Blackboard Quick Tips: Image Style Options in the New Text Editor

With the addition of a new text editor in Blackboard Learn 9.1 Service Pack 11 came various new options in the text editor. One of these options included expanding the style option available for images. This includes the ability to change the alignment, dimensions in proportion, vertical space, horizontal space, border, and other style features. […]

Valencia Bug Watch: My Calendar Module in Blackboard Homepage

Many students and instructors are wondering why they only see institutional maintenance dates or other manually created events in the My Calendar module on the Valencia College Blackboard main page or within a course’s My Calendar module in the dashboard. This is due to a current bug with the My Calendar module. The My Calendar […]

Valencia Bug Watch: Video Everywhere issues in Discussions and Assignments

A few bugs have been discovered as faculty and students start using the new Video Everywhere tool that easily integrates YouTube into Blackboard for recording and posting videos. Discussion postings made by students using video everywhere do not have a REPLY button when posted as embedded. The Video Everywhere does not work for students when […]

Valencia Bug Watch: Students Should Not Add Apostrophes to File Names

If a student submits an assignment with an attachment that has an apostrophe in the name, going in to view the attempt the inline grading viewer will be stuck in “Loading… Please wait while we render this file”. It will stay on this page and not render the file, even though it is a supported […]