Training Under-way!

We are in the midst of our first training month for this new environment. Our faculty members have been amazing champions of the migration process and have been working and supporting one another throughout this process. The system administrators are currently working on testing a new update (Service Pack 1) as well as work through […]

Helpdesk is now BB9 Ready!

The company that Valencia uses for its after hours helpdesk has now provided a knowledgebase of frequently asked questions for both WebCT and Blackboard 9.1 users!  Faculty and staff members who are interested in more info should email or call our afterhours service for WebCThelp.

How to Code your Course for BB 9

Important notice sent to Deans and Admin Assistants with coding instructions for Blackboard 9.1 courses. Faculty members are asked to consult with their division offices to have their courses coded appropriately in Banner. Detailed instructions can be downloaded from the OIT Blackboard 9.1/Learn Project Resource Page.

Planning out our Migration

5/20/10 The faculty councils have endorsed the upgrade path timeline presented below, and over the next two weeks, we will be sending a faculty needs survey as well as the procedure for Opting-in or Opting-Out of the migration process listed in the timeline below. Last but not least, check out Angelique Smith’s YouTube playlist on Blackboard […]