ACTION ITEM: For all teaching in Blackboard 9.1 this Spring

Please be advised, you must complete these steps if you intend to teach in Blackboard Learn 9.1 this Spring. Part 1:  Make Sure Your Course is in Blackboard Learn 9.1 Please, verify that your spring courses are available in Blackboard by visiting  If you see your Spring course(s) listed there you can proceed to […]

Bulk Delete – What’s that all about?

Bulk Delete allows users to remove selected content from their courses. We recommend instructors use Bulk Delete to clean a course that has content they no longer need. For example, you imported the wrong course materials into a course and you need to clean it out in order to import the correct course materials. This […]

Early Warning System in Blackboard

All faculty should have received an email from the Registrar’s Office this week with a reminder about the Withdrawal deadline for students.  Has this left any of you wondering how to monitor student performance in Blackboard? Good news!  We’d like to introduce a new tool for faculty to monitor student engagement in our online courses.  […]

Blackboard Mobile Learn: iPad

Check out Blackboard Mobile Learn app on the iPad! Watch the YouTube video from Blackboard TV for a commercial on Blackboard Mobile Learn for the iPad NOTE: We don’t suggest riding a bike and using an iPad Find more information on all the Blackboard Mobile Learn apps available

Blackboard Learn On Demand Learning Center

Like watching short videos instead of reading text for learning a new skill? Learn more about Blackboard Learn through the On Demand Learning Center. The On Demand Learning Center includes short, interactive video lessons called Quick Tutorials and short documents, called Getting Started Guides, designed to get you familiar with a feature in 15 minutes. […]