Blackboard Known Issue: Announcements that have Course Links to Unavailable Content are Hidden to Instructors

Following the recent Blackboard Upgrade, we have received several reports that certain announcements can’t be viewed by the instructor after successfully being submitted or copied over from another course.  This happens when an announcement includes a Course Link to an unavailable content item. That Announcement becomes completely hidden until the content is made visible.

DO NOT use the “course link” feature if the linked content will be unavailable at any time. This will completely hide the announcement.

Blackboard Course Link Announcement Issue


Example: You have created an announcement for you Final Exam in advance. The Final Exam won’t be available until April 20, 2018. You selected a Course Link location as /content/finalexam in the announcement. You successfully submit the announcement. The announcement isn’t visible now in your announcement area due to the Final Exam being unavailable.


Solution/ Workaround:

  1. Make the content items available (ie. Remove date restriction).
  2. Locate and Edit the missing announcement in your Announcements list.
  3. Delete the Course Link in the announcements by deleting the text in the “location” text box.
  4. Submit the edited announcement.
  5. Reset the date restriction on your content item.


Blackboard Remove Course Link in Announcement by Deleting Text


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