Kaltura’s Newest Features: CaptureSpace and Interactive Online Video Quizzing

Valencia’s new video delivery platform, Kaltura has several new video features and can make sharing videos with your students easy. Students can also use many of these features anywhere the text editor is available.

capturespace kaltura


Kaltura CaptureSpace allows you to capture multi-stream recordings of up to three video inputs synchronized with a PowerPoint presentation or screen capture. It allows viewers to navigate to desired content, searching through slide text, switch between video streams, and view picture-in-picture.


CaptureSpace Walkthough Video


Interactive Online Video Quizzing

Interactive Video Quizzing seamlessly embeds multiple choice questions at any point in a video within Kaltura. Creators easily add their own questions, these questions are attached to the video, and present wherever it is embedded or presented. As viewers watch the video, the questions will appear at the chosen points. Quizzing to be used to increase engagement, test knowledge and retention, gather data, and more.


Learn how to create interactive video quizzes, view reports, adjust settings, and take quizzes in these short videos: https://videos.kaltura.com/category/Interactive+Video+Quiz/40511741


Kaltura also has the ability to record screencasts, record webcam videos, and upload videos created on your computer. Additional Kaltura tutorials are available at http://valenciacollege.edu/oit/learning-technology-services/faculty-resources/kaltura.cfm

More about Kaltura

kaltura-in-blackboardThe migration from Adobe Media Server to the new Video Delivery platform Kaltura has been completed. All videos have been migrated from the old system (Adobe Media Server) and have been assigned to the faculty who originally created the request with Valencia Productions. You will be able to locate your videos under My Media in Blackboard.

Any videos that are currently residing in the Adobe Media server (video links that contain websflash.valenciacollege.edu as part of the URL) within your courses will not work, since the old server was decommissioned.  Please take a moment and review the video links within your courses.

If you have shared videos owned by another faculty member, you can easily request them to give you rights to publish their videos in your courses. Step by step instructions are located in this document http://goo.gl/mUpm43 or this video tutorial https://goo.gl/9GubIx

Updating your video links in Blackboard is a very simple process.  To update a video link using Kaltura please follow the steps located in this document http://goo.gl/9ofnRI or this video tutorial https://goo.gl/7cwbea. Once you have added a video to your course using Kaltura, please remove the old link.

Other tutorials are available at http://valenciacollege.edu/oit/learning-technology-services/faculty-resources/kaltura.cfm

If you prefer in-person assistance, please visit one of the Faculty Development Centers for Teaching/Learning Innovation. Locations and contact information can be found at: http://valenciacollege.edu/faculty/development/centers/locations.cfm

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