Easily Add Smarthinking To Your Course Menu

Smarthinking offers help in writing, reading, mathematics, science, business, English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), Spanish, nursing, allied health, computers and technology. It is intended to serve as an extension of Valencia’s on-campus tutoring center that can be utilized when the space is at capacity, after hours or offsite from any location with an internet connection.

Part of Smarthinking’s success is its simplistic navigational platform and easy mode of access.  Simply click on the link located on the Courses Tab in Atlas to connect to Smarthinking’s online tutoring and academic assistance.

Smarthinking Atlas

Faculty can easily add the Smarthinking link to their Blackboard course menu.

Smarthinking Tool Link

1. Click on the + in the course menu.

2. Click on Tool Link

Smarthinking Add Tool to Course Menu

3. Select Smarthinking from Type options.

4. Make sure to Name the Tool Link in the course menu and click to make it available to students.

5. Submit and move it around in your course menu, if necessary.

Student would also have access to Smarthinking in the “Tools” area, if you leave that available in the course menu.

Smarthinking Tools

If you previously added a Smarthinking link to your Blackboard course, there is no need to change it. The previous options still work but this gives an easier way for faculty to add it in their course menu.

Once connected, users can submit a question to a professionally trained and credentialed tutor and receive live assistance via an interactive whiteboard. Tutoring interactions are recorded and saved so that they can be easily reviewed for future reference.

The online writing lab provides assistance with all types of assignments, such as essays and articles. Users can submit work electronically at any time of the day and receive a detailed, personalized critique of any written submission. Responses are provided within 24 hours although expedited service can be requested for a fee.

All Smarthinking tutors encourage student-centered learning by helping students think through problems, examine their ideas and improve performance. Tutors work one-on-one with students to ensure comprehension of the material. For example, mathematics tutors never work the particular problem presented by the student; instead, they utilize similar sample questions.

Please consider introducing Smarthinking to your students and if you are a faculty member, add the Smarthinking link to your Blackboard homepage.

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