Adding SMS Text Message Notifications to Blackboard

Various notification options are available in Blackboard for you to personalize. Both students and faculty can choose from various settings for notifications through the Blackboard dashboard, mobile app, and SMS text messaging.

It’s fairly simple to add your mobile number and the option to receive certain notification via SMS text messages.

Step 1: First you must add your mobile number in Blackboard’s Settings in the Global Navigation in the top right hand corner of Blackboard’s homepage.

SMS Notifications Blackboard Step 1


Step 2: Choose the Personal Info link

SMS Notifications Blackboard Step 2


Step 3: Choose the link to Edit Personal Information

SMS Notifications Blackboard Step 3


Step 4: Enter your Mobile Number in the space provided at the very bottom of the page.

SMS Notifications Blackboard Step 4


Step 5: Return back to Settings and select the link Edit Notification Settings

SMS Notifications Blackboard Step 5

Step 6: You can now either select notification settings for each individual course or choose to do bulk edits to notification for all or several courses at one time. Depending on the role in various courses, you can choose to edit courses your are teaching or taking.

SMS Notifications Blackboard Step 6

Step 7: Verify that the notification destination is correct for your SMS messages. Notice that message will only be delivered between 6:00 am and 11:59 pm.

SMS Notifications Blackboard Step 7

Step 8: Now you are able to turn on or off various notification for your dashboard, mobile app, and SMS text message. Be aware that selecting too many notification may overload your phone with notifications.

For example: Selecting the SMS notification for “Blog Needs Grading” will send you a notification for every student’s blog that is ready to be graded in Blackboard.

Note: Charges from your text messaging provider may apply

SMS Notifications Blackboard Step 8


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