Test Availability Exception for Extended Time

With the new test option features in Blackboard SP14, you no longer have to create an alternative test for extended time for a student taking a test in Blackboard. The situation where this would be used is when the student has a documented disability with the Office of Student Disabilities. You will now notice that the Test Options screen has a new feature called Test Availability Exceptions. This new feature allows you to select a single or group of students to make adjustments to the timer or force completion. This tutorial will cover the steps to edit the test options for a student who needs extra time.

The first step once inside the test options screen, will be to click “Add Users or Group”

Test Availability Exceptions Step 1

The next step will be to select the user(s) or group(s) that need to have alternative exceptions for this particular test.

Test Availability Exceptions Step 2

The next screen would show you the current setting and allow you to make adjustments or remove the exceptions.

Test Availability Exceptions Step 3

After making your adjustments to your timer or force submit, you will be all set.

Test Availability Exceptions Step 4

This process is much easier than the previous steps to make an alternative test with extended time.

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