Unsecure Content or Mixed Content (http) Doesn’t Display in Blackboard’s Secure Page (https)

Browsers (Internet Explorer 9 or later, Chrome 21 or later, Firefox 23 or later ) will display an “unsecure content” or “mixed content” security notification if you try to load non-secure (http URL) external content within Blackboard (e.g., embedded Youtube videos, Screencast videos, etc.).

Our Blackboard is running as a secure server (https URL).  Modern browsers now warn if you are trying to load insecure content within a secure page — as it could possibly be malicious.   If you trust the content you are trying to display, you would need to explicitly allow the content to load, otherwise you would get a blank area where you expect content to appear.

Internet Explore Secruity
Chrome Security
Firefox Security


Another great tip to help your students and reduce troubleshooting, is to include a direct link to the non-secure content in your course that will open in a new window/tab.

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