Valencia Bug Watch: My Calendar Module in Blackboard Homepage

Valencia Bug WatchMany students and instructors are wondering why they only see institutional maintenance dates or other manually created events in the My Calendar module on the Valencia College Blackboard main page or within a course’s My Calendar module in the dashboard. This is due to a current bug with the My Calendar module. The My Calendar Module on the Institution Tab and within a course will only display manually created events, even though the calendar itself shows due dates.

Recommendation: Click on the link “more calendar events” to see the full calendar or link the calendar in the course menu in your Blackboard course. This will display the full calendar and will include all the current due dates for course in which you have access to.

This is a “known issue” but Blackboard does not currently have a fix for it. Scheduled to be fixed in a future release (targeted SP15).

My Calendar module bug

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