Valencia Canvas Pilot Update

Canvas LogoThe Canvas pilot included 15 Valencia College faculty from various disciplines and campuses, who held courses in Instructure Canvas’s learning management system during the spring semester. The pilot faculty and Learning Technology Services team had a debrief meeting to discuss the survey results from both students and faculty, the OIT report comparing the two systems, and possible next steps in the process. The pilot faculty have decided to wait until the end of summer to make a recommendation in favor of one system or another.  Many faculty like Canvas, but realize Blackboard has implemented a lot of new features that will be available beginning May 1st at Valencia. The faculty want to test out the new features in their summer courses before they make a recommendation.

For additional information, updates, and a copy of the OIT Report visit the Canvas Pilot Site.

One response to “Valencia Canvas Pilot Update”

  1. Karen Cowden says:

    I am glad that we are not sold on switching platforms, yet. For me, it seems like with the expense of retraining all the faculty and purchasing the new program it is a better fix that we have the upgrades offered by Blackboard since they seem similar. 🙂

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