SoftChalk Create (version 8) Now Available – Lots of New Features

SoftChalk CreateSoftChalk Create (version 8) is now available for Valencia College faculty and staff to utilize. You can download this update, including the new license information, at the LTS Secure Download site. Visit the Blackboard Essentials Self-Paced course inside Blackboard Learn or email onlinehelp[AT] from your Valencia email account for information on how to access this site.

SoftChalk Create continues to build upon the success of previous versions of SoftChalk and responds to the needs of digital learners with a variety of new features.

All SoftChalk Activities are Now Mobile Friendly

Activity on tablet and smart phone

Enhanced Support for Mobile Delivery

  • All of SoftChalk’s “Flash” Activities are now available in mobile-friendly HTML/Javascript versions that work great with iPads, Androids and many smart phones. This includes Crossword Puzzles, Hot Spot Images, DragNDrop Matching, Interactive Timeline… all of them!
  • SoftChalk’s Smart Mobile technology uses “browser detection” to display the version of the activity best-suited to that browser. This means that learners using older web browsers that don’t support newer technologies will automatically view the old “Flash” activities, while learners using newer browsers and mobile devices will automatically view the new mobile-friendly versions. The end result—seamless delivery of SoftChalk content to all users, no matter their device or browser.
  • You’ll also notice new color style enhancements in all SoftChalk mobile lesson pages.

Accessible Learning Content Enhancements

New features to help reach all learnerskeyboard

  • New Keyboard Accessibility features have been added to most of SoftChalk’s interactive activities. This allows keyboard-only learners to more easily navigate SoftChalk content.
  • New MathML functionality ensures that when math equations are used in a SoftChalk lesson, screenreader software can “read” the equation.
  • Learners can view text descriptions of audio and video content, as well as content presented using iframes and widgets.

Media Search Enhancements

New Repositories and featuresmediasearch

  • The Learning Registry is now searchable from SoftChalk’s Media Search tool, providing easy access to thousands of digital learning resources including the National Archives, The Library of Congress and PBS Learning Media. Learn more about the Learning Registry at
  • When inserting images found in Media Search, the “alt” tag is automatically populated with the image title and the “longdesc” is populated with the image “title and description.”
  • Activities and Quiz Groups found in Media Search can be inserted into a lesson as an editable copy of the object.
  • URL links found in Media Search can be inserted in a lesson as a link or embedded as an iframe.

Content Authoring Enhancements

New Features available in SoftChalk Createcreate

  • StyleBuilder has a new option that allows replacement of the banner graphic
  • Frame border and scrolling options are now available when inserting iframes
  • User-entered text display options are now available for Quiz Groups and Activities
  • Helpful “Show Me” videos now available in “Create”
  • Easily save activities, quizgroups and media files to SoftChalk Cloud and re-insert into new lessons.

Expanded LMS Integration

SoftChalk plays well with everyone!

SoftChalk content now works with more learning management systems (LMS) than ever before, including Blackboard, Desire2Learn, Moodle, Canvas,  ANGEL, Jenzebar, BrainHoney and others. Even better, SoftChalk content can track student score results directly into the gradebook of all of these LMSs.

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