Find Last Date of Attendance in Blackboard Based on a Graded Activity

For online courses, the last date of attendance is the last date a graded activity was submitted.  Activities in this case can be anything graded, such as discussions, blogs, journals, tests, or assignments.  This information can be located in Blackboard’s Grade Center, even if a student has withdrawn themselves from your course.  To search for the most recent activity by the student you can follow a few easy steps in the Grade Center seen below.

Enter the Blackboard Grade Center.

Control Panel > Grade Center > Full Grade Center

Click on Reports > View Grade History

Grade History in Grade Center Reports

Choose a range to show the entries from the past ** Days – This will default to 14 Days but you may want to expand your search depending on the last time the student might have completed a graded activity.  

Grade History Range

Sort by users by clicking the column labeled User

Find the last Attempt Submitted date for this user (student)

Grade History Sort Users

If you can’t find the user easily, you can download the information to Excel using the Download button at the top of the page and search using the search function in Excel. The keyboard shortcut in Windows is Ctrl+F or choose Edit > Find.

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