Using Web 2.0 Tools in Blackboard

On Demand Learning Center SampleBlackboard has a variety of great training resources available on its On Demand Learning Center to help instructors and students learn about a topic or tool in Blackboard Learning 9.1. We refer instructors and students to this site all the time to explain a topic in under 5 minutes typically. There are video tutorials and PDF documents from everything from adding a banner to your entry point to working offline with the grade center.

A new video available discusses the utilization of web 2.0 tools in Blackboard. This video introduce web 2.0 tools, explains a few key tools, explains how to embed the, and talks about best practices in a little over 5 minutes. This is a must watch for an instructor using Blackboard.

The web 2.0 tools highlighted include:

  • Glogster: An interactive web based poster
  • Prezi: Web based presentation software
  • Google Docs & Sites: Share working space and documents
  • VoiceThread: Add verbal explanation to visual media
  • Jing: Screenshot software to take a picture or narration of what’s on your screen.

View the video now!

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