Intelecom Online Videos Changing Login Credentials and Going Mobile!

Please take note of two important changes of login credentials for accessing Intelecom online videos
1. The login credentials for accessing videos through the Intelecom portal have changed.

To obtain the new username and password, please email onlinehelp[AT] your request.

2. If you have already created a collection under My Clips you will find a new feature which allows each user to change his/her email address as well as password.    This takes care of the problem of our old email strings changing to in September. Remember to revise links promptly due to our name change as they will not work if pointing to the old address after September 1st.

Student direct access to repository

Your students now also have access to the Intelecom collection through single sign-on in Atlas, as they log on to the library services. They can use the Intelecom video repository as a research tool and a resource for assignments.

Going Mobile on the INTELECOM Online Resources Network

Now your students can view INTELECOM videos on demand from the comfort of their own mobile device: iPhone and iPad and more! The smart technology behind the INTELECOM videos automatically identifies a Flash-based or Apple mobile device and streams the appropriate video clip to the user.

NOTE: Only Videos linked or embedded inside your courses will play on the Flash-based or Apple mobile device.

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