Want to access your Blackboard course from your Android, Blackberry and Palm?

Now you and your students can take advantage of learning on the go! Blackboard has extended the amount of platforms for the Blackboard Learn Mobile App to include:

  1. Blackboard MobileAndroid
  2. Blackberry
  3. iPhone & iPod touch
  4. iPad
  5. Palm

Below find a direct link providing info for downloading the Mobile Blackboard Learn App for the smart-phones and mobile devices listed above.


Also attached find a quick tutorial for download Blackboard Mobile Learn Apps Installation Guide

Prefer learning with a video? Watch it at the link below!


What can you and your students  do?  You can participate in discussion boards, read and comment on blogs, access music, videos and images loaded in the course. Students can also view the latest class announcements and their grades.

IMP: The Mobile Blackboard Learn App is free and can ONLY be used through WiFi. The only exception would be Android users on the Sprint Network who are able to use the mobile app utilizing a Sprint data plan without any additional charges.

3 responses to “Want to access your Blackboard course from your Android, Blackberry and Palm?”

  1. Jessica Kough says:

    I have used BB Learn for the Palm and for the iPhone (actually, iPod touch, but it’s the same app anyhow) without any problems.

    Now I have an Android tablet, so I attempted to use the BB Mobile app for Android.

    For some reason, when I try to choose Valencia College from the list of schools, I get an error message saying that my school is not licensed to use BB Mobile Learn.

    Any ideas why I can’t use the Android app? Is there separate licensing for each platform, and Valencia just doesn’t have it in place for Android? Or should it be working?

  2. Jay says:

    The app was working fine for me util today. It signed me out so I had to sign back in and in the meantime it changed the name from Valencia college to Valencia community college and now it had an error saying the school doesn’t participate.

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