SoftChalk 7 Now Available – Lots of New Features

SoftChalk 7 LogoSoftChalk 7 is now available for Valencia College faculty and staff to utilize. You can download this update, including the new license information, at the LTAD Secure Download site. Visit the Blackboard Essentials Self-Paced course inside Blackboard Learn or email onlinehelp[AT] from your Valencia email account for information on how to access this site.

SoftChalk 7continues to build upon the success of previous versions of SoftChalk and responds to the needs of digital learners with a variety of new features.

SoftChalk 7 automatically generate a mobile-friendly version of content created in SoftChalk and detects the device a learner is using so that the appropriate version of the content is displayed. There are also six new mobile-friendly html5 learning activity templates available in SoftChalk 7, to enhance mobile learning content with interactive.

SoftChalk 7 added these new feature enhancements…

  • Embed any web page or pdf file into your lesson using the new iFrame tool
  • New SoftChalk ScoreCenter for Moodle allows you to track student score data in the Moodle gradebook – Already available for Blackboard Learn users
  • Download lessons and eCourses from CONNECT for editing in SoftChalk
  • Package eCourses in Common Cartridge format

SoftChalk CONNECT Plus takes SoftChalk’s cloud-based Learning Object Repository (LOR) to the next level with powerful, subscription-based services that allow users to collaboratively create, share and track high quality educational content. The CONNECT Plus account offers educators more personal hosting space, enhanced access control of content, collaborative content editing and automated versioning.  CONNECT Plus also offers the ability to reliably track detailed student score data through SoftChalk ScoreCenter.  CONNECT Plus offers the perfect combination for collaboratively building lessons among colleagues and a solution for educators who want an easy way to deliver content and track student results online – either with or without an LMS. (

Want to learn more about SoftChalk? 

LTAD3270-SoftChalk Lesson Builder
Hybrid Course: October 10-November 14, 2011,Osceola Campus,CRN 2382
This is a hybrid course that requires face-to-face meetings in addition to online coursework. Required meeting dates are 10/17,10/24,10/31 and 11/7 from 2:00AM-4:00PM.

Note this Error! Especially with those at Valencia with access to our Banner system.

When I try to run SoftChalk I get an error message, “Cannot find the main class.” What should I do?

Some users have a program called Oracle JInitiator that has caused a conflict with SoftChalk (which runs on Java). The following instructions should resolve the issue caused by the JInitiator program.


  1.   Open C:Program FilesSoftChalk 6 and look for a shortcut to SoftChalk 6. The SoftChalk 6 shortcut icon will have an arrow on it. (Do NOT look for the file SoftChalk6.exe – if you have your extensions hidden, then you may see two SoftChalk6 icons; be sure to choose the shortcut icon.)
  2.   Drag the SoftChalk 6 shortcut icon onto your desktop. (If you do NOT see the SoftChalk 6 shortcut icon, you have installed SoftChalk with an older version of the installer. Please uninstall SoftChalk and then download the latest installer from our website ( and click Download.)
  3.   Double-click on this SoftChalk 6 shortcut icon to start SoftChalk.
  4.   To avoid confusion, delete your other icon (the one didn’t start SoftChalk).

(If you do not know how to find C:Program FilesSoftChalk 6, go to your Start menu and right-click on Computer and choose Open. Then right-click on the C: drive and choose Open. Then open the Program Files folder and then open the SoftChalk 6 folder. Then follow the instructions above.)

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