Beyond the Standard Youtube Videos

Wondering how you can just cut that 30 seconds you need from a YouTube video to share with your class?

Check out the simple tool called TubeChop

3 Easy Steps:

1. Find the video you want to chop.
2. Select & cut interesting part of the video.
3. Share it with friends.

TubeChop Example

Wondering how you can have students comment on certain time points of YouTube vidoes?

Check out the simple tool called BlipSnips

  • Allows you to jump to where the comments are in the time line
  • Allows you to clean up the video, removing ads, other comments, and changing the starting point
  • Allows you to easily use an embed code to share it example

Are you looking to just remove all the YouTube Distractions?

Check out both & to remove all the distraction of YouTube’s ads and comments when sharing a video with students.

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