Update All File Permissions in Blackboard Learn

Updated 5/12/11

File permissions in Blackboard Learn have caused a few issues with students not being able to access files that are housed inside your course due to lack of read permissions granted to students in the course’s file manager. Valencia recently upgrade to Service Pack 5 for Blackboard Learn which seems to address the majority of the permission issues for students accessing files saved within the courses file manager.

Just in case you run into permissions issues follow these quick easy steps to update all your file permissions to read access for all course users.

Visit the Control Panel to Access your Course’s File Manager

Select File Manager in the Control Panel

Select the Drop Down for Option at the top of the File Manager to Access the option to select Permissions for the entire course

Click the drop down options to update permissions in the file manager

Click the radio button next to All Course Users with Read Access and Select Delete – You will be adding this access back in a second to write over all the permissions in the course.

Permissions Delete Read All Users

Click to Add Course User List

Click Add Course User List

Select All Course Users and Read Access

Update All Course User with Read access


You will receive a warning that all new files will not have those permissions but don’t worry because once you add them to a content area they will be automatically update to receive the correct permissions.

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