Congratulations “Chalkie” Kristin Bartholomew SoftChalk Winner

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Valencia’s own Professor of Nutrition Kristin Bartholomew recently won 3rd Place in the Annual SoftChalk Lesson Challenge. Her lesson was entitled “Nutrition Support & Metabolic Stress” was chosen using a Quality Matters judging rubric with specific categories including lesson creativity, professionalism, interactivity, and how well the lesson reinforces student learning.

The Lesson Challenge, an online contest that ran from November through January, gave SoftChalk enthusiasts a chance to use their lesson content for something besides engaging students—winning money! This year another component was added to the contest—all entries were required to be uploaded and shared by their author on SoftChalk CONNECT, SoftChalk’s learning object repository.

Congratulations Kristin! A great representation of Valencia’s wonderful and innovative faculty!

Check out Kirstin’s lesson below:

Nutrition Support & Metabolic Stress SoftChalk Lesson

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Keep an eye out for a future interview with Kirstin on how she utilizes SoftChalk to engage students

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  1. Brittany says:

    Congratulations again Kristin!!

    I’m a nutrition lover so obviously I loved her lesson, but apparently the judges loved it as well. 🙂

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