New Additions to The Orange Grove

The Orange GroveThe Orange Grove Florida’s Digital Repository is a online library of openly available instructional resources for Florida’s educators. Many of the resources, such as our Open Textbook collection, are openly available to the public. The repository can also be integrated with a Florida Higher Education Institution’s learning management system such as Blackboard

Watch a brief video explaining The Orange Grove.

What’s New?

  • Open textbooks: Français interactif– a French language arts book for higher education with supporting video, and the Access to Knowledge in the Age of Intellectual Property, and the CK-12 Human Biology series for middle school (10 items)
  • Videos & simulations: from NASA at 50 (19 items) and Wisc-Online for science, math, and health (1, 017 items)
  • Training: The Orange Grove now has two levels of training to support faculty in their professional development and a core value of education: to openly share one’s knowledge with others!

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