Bug Watch: YouTube Search in Bb 9.1 Mashup Tool Fails

UPDATE: Blackboard published a new building block to fix the issues with YouTube Mashup searches in Blackboard Learn 9.1 SP3 & SP4. The patch has been installed and YouTube Mashups are working again! (2/14/11)

Valencia Bug Watch LinkLast week YouTube changed a part of their Application Programming Interface (API), as a result that the search features of the YouTube Mashup tool no longer communicates properly with YouTube’s servers.  API is particular set of rules and specifications that a software program can follow to access and make use of the services and resources provided by another particular software program.

Existing YouTube Mashups still work. Blackboard is aware of this issue and is planning to fix it in a future version (SP5).

Workaround: Open up a second browser window and access YouTube directly, then copy the Embed code from the video you wish to display in your course. You can use the YouTube embed code by editing the HTML of any content item in your course or adding a new item, and pasting the embed code from YouTube with the visual editor turned off.

After finding your video on YouTube – Follow these steps to embed

How to Copy Embed Code from YouTube to insert in Blackboard

1) Click Embed to give you the option to copy/paste the embed code for the YouTube video you would like to insert

2) Select the options for the embed video, it is currently recommend to select “Use old embed code”

3) Copy the embed code to insert into your course

After copying the embed code follow these steps to insert the YouTube video into a content item in Blackboard Learn 9.1

How to paste YouTube embed code into Blackboard 9.1

1) Click on the < > button to toggle HTML Source Mode inside the text editor box. This will allow you to paste the embed code (which is HTML) you copied from YouTube.

2) Paste the embed code into the text box

3) Finish choosing your options for this content item and click submit

YouTube video now embed as a Content Item!

Embed YouTube show as a content item in Blackboard 9.1

Don’t forget: If you want to just link to a YouTube video you can always just click Share and copy/paste the link to the video inside your course.


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