ACTION ITEM: For all teaching in Blackboard 9.1 this Spring

Please be advised, you must complete these steps if you intend to teach in Blackboard Learn 9.1 this Spring.

Part 1:  Make Sure Your Course is in Blackboard Learn 9.1

Please, verify that your spring courses are available in Blackboard by visiting  If you see your Spring course(s) listed there you can proceed to “Part 2” of this message.

If you do not see your Spring course(s) listed in Blackboard, please contact the administrative assistant for your Department.  Three things should occur:

1.      The Administrative Assistant will need to edit SSASECT Schedule in Banner to show “BB” as the Integration Partner for every CRN you will be teaching in Blackboard 9.1/Learn.

2.      If you teach with a publisher ePak/Cartridge that requires student to purchase an access code from the Bookstore, you will need to verify that the access codes ordered are for Blackboard (not WebCT).

3.      After your administrative assistant makes the appropriate changes in Banner, log into Blackboard and verify that you are able to access your courses.

Spring 2011 is the last semester planned for Valencia to offer courses in both WebCT CE and Blackboard Learn 9.1.  All Summer 2011 courses will be taught in the upgraded Blackboard Learn 9.1 system.  The Learning Technology & Alternative Delivery team has created a variety of resources for faculty, staff and students to facilitate this upgrade process.  For complete details on available resources, please visit the Moving to BB9.1 Blog located at:

Part 2:  Helpful Resources to Prepare for Spring Semester

Creating Content for Spring Courses?

Please Review the attached tutorials to help you migrate or copy your content into your Spring courses.

If you are using publisher resources, be sure to contact your Sales Representative to ensure you have a Blackboard Course Cartridge to use for Spring

Need help implementing the new tools?

  • Be sure to check out the resources we’ve made available in the “Blackboard Essentials: Self-Paced” course located directly inside of Blackboard.  Here you will find numerous tools, techniques, and tips both in print and video format to help you successfully implement the tools in Blackboard.
  • Register for one of our upcoming workshops.  If you have not already attended LTAD 3282: Blackboard Essentials, be sure to sign-up for one of our Spring offerings.  We will also be offering a variety of 2-hour topics based workshops in the spring for those of you who are looking for assistance with specific tools in the system.  All offerings can be viewed by visiting our Training Schedule page and registered for through Atlas.
  • Bb Learn Blog ExampleCheck out the Blackboard 9.1 Learn Project site to stay abreast of the ongoing progress of this collegewide initiative or visit the “Moving to Bb9 Blog”.
  • Thanks to feedback from our faculty we are compiling a list of identified bugs that our team is monitoring for Valencia users.  This list includes suggested workarounds that we have found while we await fixes from Blackboard.   Bug List Priorities (for Valencia users)

What can I do to prepare my students?

Remember, students will gain access to the course at 12:01am on the first day of the term.  The Learning Technology & Alternative Delivery team will send an email out to all students enrolled in courses being taught in Blackboard 9.1 just before the start of spring term.  To help them prepare for their first day you may also want to make them aware of the following resources:

  • Have them review the Valencia Online – Student Resources website.  This site provides tools to help students be ready for what to anticipate in the online environment and illustrates links to tutorials, information about academic integrity, and what to do about “Getting Help”.
  • Students also have been automatically enrolled into an online course in Blackboard 9.1 called “Valencia Online 101”.  As soon as they login to Blackboard – they will see this resource course in their course list.
  • Faculty may want to include links directly to video tutorials which help students implement tools like Discussion Boards, Assignments, Testing, and viewing Grades and Instructor Feedback.  These videos are provided from within the “Valencia Online 101” course but are also located directly on our website.
  • Make students aware of their support lifelines where getting help is always just a click away.  Many of these resources are also included on the “Getting Help” area of our Student Resources website.  This link is also located directly from within every new Blackboard Learn 9.1 course, and from within Valencia Online 101.  Feel free to include a link in your course welcome letter/email.

As always, if there is anything we can do to help you during this transition please contact us through

Thank you,

The Learning Technology & Alternative Delivery Team

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