Blackboard 9.1 Learn – November training sessions – Seats still available

We would like to invite our faculty to participate in our final training session of 2010.  This session begins on November 8th and will run until December 13, 2010.  We have had 335 faculty already participate in training offerings to prepare for teaching in Blackboard 9.1 Learn.

Training Opportunity Details:

This facilitated training opportunity has two main goals.  First it helps you transition your course content from WebCT over to the new system while providing an opportunity for you to learn the tools available in the new system.  This course provides faculty members with 10 hours of professional development credit.  The course, which is broken into specific themes, takes users from Navigating the new environment to monitoring student performance using Blackboard 9.1.

How to Register for Fall Training:

Each training class takes about 4 weeks to complete, and will require weekly participation in a 2-hour lab.  A survey showed that 95% of faculty taking this course said the Lab Sessions were the most valuable part of the training by our team of expert facilitators.

Month Class Start Date Orientation Date (virtual) Class End  


November 2010 Nov 8th, 2010 Nov 8th, 2010 1-230pm Dec 13th, 2010 Description: Bb Essentials registation November
*Space is limited!  You must register in order to reserve your seat!

Please note there is a required orientation session which will be held on the date listed above via GotoWebinar.  You also have the opportunity to attend this session remotely (from off campus), from your desk, or from a Learning Technology Center near you.  You will find details about the labs as you complete the webinar registration form.

Not interested in PD credit?

If you are not interested in obtaining professional development credit, please note that you already have access to self-paced course called Blackboard Essentials Self-Paced Course.  To access this course full of tutorials designed to help you learn the various tools available in the new system, you simply have to navigate to and use your atlas credentials to login and review the content.  Every faculty and staff member at the college currently has access to this growing repository of resources and training documentation, videos and guides.

If you want to teach in the new system WITHOUT attending the training, you will need to speak with your dean prior to coding your courses in banner as “blackboard learn” courses instead of WebCT.  We encourage you contact IF you are interested in taking this step.  This is a great choice for independent learners who don’t want to attend the facilitated training opportunities scheduled above.

We look forward to working with you.

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