How to Copy the Content From One Course to Another in Blackboard 9.1

How to copy the content from one course to another in Blackboard 9.1

  1. Go to the Blackboard 9.1 course you want to copy from. (example: If you are copying content from a summer course into a fall course, you would go to the summer course as your starting point)
  2. Under Course Management select Control Panel > Packages and Utilities > Course Copy.
  3. Make sure that Copy Course Materials to an Existing Course is selected in the Select Copy type menu.
  4. Click Browse to show a list of all of your Blackboard 9.1 courses. Click the radio button to the left of the course to which you want to copy your materials into. Click Submit. Note: You can only copy ONE course at a time.
  5. Select the content that you want to copy. Be sure to include Settings if you customized the course menu and other features of the course. Do not include Enrollments. Click Submit. You will receive a confirmation email in Atlas once the materials have been copied. It may take some time for your content to be copied, depending on the size of your previous site. IMPORTANT NOTE: Wait for the email – DO NOT attempt to repeat the copy process again into that course TIP: While you wait for the email, you can copy the content to a different CRN.
  6. Your content will appear in the new course site.
  7. Check the copied course and clean up the course menu. Watch a Video Tutorial


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