Fall semester is about to begin

As our team prepares for Fall semester, we pulled a report which identifies faculty members who are scheduled to teach using a Blackboard 9.1 component in their class.

This report identified 236 faculty members who currently have courses coded in banner as BB9.1 courses.  This means that they will be teaching in the new system, Blackboard 9.1 this fall semester, and their students will ONLY have access to their Blackboard 9.1 course.  Emails were sent to each faculty to notify them of their current selection on August 13, 2010.

In the event a faculty member would rather teach in WebCT CE8 again this fall, it will require the departmental office to change the integration partner code in Banner back to WBCT.  The integration partner field in Banner dictates which system the students will access for the course(s) they are registered in.  Students do have the potential to have access to both systems starting on the first day of the term.

Faculty are encouraged to confirm which system they will be teaching in prior to the first day of the semester to avoid problems for our students.


If you are committed to teaching in the new system

As you prepare your Blackboard 9.1 course, don’t forget that you have access to some tutorials to help you build your course.  Check out the Blackboard 9.1 Self-Paced training course (available when you log into the system) for details.

Login button for Blackboard Essentials Self-Paced Course

This decision also means  that your students will be loaded into the system, and will have access to some training resources we are currently preparing for them.  If you would like to preview some of the tutorials that will be made available to your students – please check out the Valencia Online Student Resources site – http://valenciacc.edu/oit/ltad/StudentResources/gettingStarted/online101.cfm We strongly encourage you to provide a link to this resource in your Welcome email.  As we continue to develop resources, we will use this page to communicate them to your students.

If you have decided to teach your courses in WebCT

It is imperative that you contact your department office and request that your courses are changed in banner to “reflect “WebCT” as the integration partner.  This is something that only your dean or department assistant can do.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the system administration team at webcthelp@valenciacc.edu

Quick Link to Blackboard Self-Paced Resource Course:


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