Valencia College invites colleagues responsible for learning assessment, faculty development, student development, curriculum, institutional effectiveness and regional and program-specific accreditation to Orlando February 22-24, 2015, to learn about effectively meeting the learning assessment needs and challenges faced by faculty, staff and administrators in community and technical colleges.

Notice: The 2015 Conference on Learning Assessment website is in the process of being updated. Some of the 2013 Conference materials will remain posted so you can see the Keynote Presentations, Sessions, Agenda, Speakers and more to give you an idea of what you can expect at the 2015 Conference.

This conference will focus on community college and technical college employees with responsibility for learning assessment, faculty development, student development, curriculum, institutional effectiveness, regional and program-specific accreditation including:

  • Teaching faculty
  • Deans
  • Librarians
  • Counselors
  • Institutional research, effectiveness and assessment staff
  • Academic affairs administrators and staff
  • Student affairs administrators and staff

At its best, learning assessment is intended to help us understand more about student learning and creating an environment within which faculty, staff and administrators can engage one another in ways that will improve learning over time.  This conference will provide participants with theoretical and practical support for developing and implementing learning assessment activities that take into account the lived experience in today’s community and technical colleges. The conference promises a focus on learning, rather than accountability, as the number one priority in assessment.

The conference will include an emphasis on the necessary relationship between faculty/professional development and learning assessment; the relationship between curricular design and learning assessment; learning assessment in the online environment; issues associated with collection and use of data from learning assessment; and the demands of regional accreditation including the possibility of doing assessment in a way that allows for meaningful dialogue  while providing documentation for accountability and accreditation.

The design of the conference, as well as pre- and post-conference activities is intended to encourage institutional teams to register for the conference with the expectation that they will leave the conference with a refined focus and purpose for learning assessment at their institution.