HUN 1201 The Science of Nutrition

Dear Colleagues:

There is a proposal that is currently in process for HUN 1201, The Science of Nutrition, to become a part of the Science General Education Institutional hours.

THE SCIENCE OF NUTRITION Prerequisite: Satisfactory completion of all mandated courses in reading, mathematics, English, and English for Academic Purposes. Scientific principles of nutrition, including the role of specific nutrients, digestion of each, absorption, and metabolism. Food sources and individual requirements throughout the lifecycle to maintain health will be addressed.

For those interested there will be a forum held on 10/13 from 9:30-11:30 on West 7-114.  If you are unable to attend the forum, but would like to provide feedback, we have opened the CCC blog up for comment.

All materials and feedback will be shared with the members of the Curriculum Committee at their November 8 meeting.

Thank you for your attention to this important curriculum decision.

6 Responses to “HUN 1201 The Science of Nutrition”

  1. Edie Gaythwaite, Ed.D.

    I do not see a problem with adding the course as an Institutional Science option for those seeking to go into the health field or perhaps education field.

  2. Karen Marie Borglum

    I support this course and would be happy to assist you in adding this course to the catalog. I believe this is an excellent topic and include tidbits of nutrition throughout my other general education science courses that I teach. It is totally fascinating to me!! I think many health problems in the US could be avoided with a class like this that provides evidence as to why trace elements are needed in the diet, the importance of the microbiome and the negative impacts of certain GMOs have not on human cells, but on the microbiome.

    A course like this could be very interesting to students, and may inspire STEM careers (as has resulted from me presenting this information in my other courses). We can teach the scientific method, discriminate garbage science from solid science, and interpret graphs and tables.

    Marie Trone, PhD
    Professor of Biology

  3. Karen Marie Borglum

    I was asked about which institutions have this course in Gen Ed. Here are the institutions in the state that have HUN 1201 in their Science Gen Ed:

    University of North Florida
    Daytona State College
    Miami Dade College
    Palm Beach State College
    Pensacola State College
    Florida State University
    University of Florida
    St. Pete College

  4. Kenneth P. Bourgoin

    More and More students going through the culinary and baking program want options. This course can help students in Culinary and Baking when it comes to specific needs or diets that they will need to be educated on. The demand is coming from hotels, restaurants, catering, and the private/personal chef world. Some students will go through a culinary program and continue on in a dietician or food science program landing jobs in hospitals and food product corporations. Our alumni have landed jobs as personal chefs to some local sports team members that have specific diet needs that a cook would need to understand. I think this would be a great addition.
    Chef Ken

  5. Shawn Pollgreen

    I agree that this would be a valuable addition to the gen ed science courses. The science of nutrition and its relation to health and disease would be of interest and value to students across disciplines.


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