BSC 1421C Addition to General Education

In November 2014, the BSC 1421C course came to the CCC for inclusion into the General Education program.  The course was not approved for inclusion.  The minutes from that meeting are reflected below:


The committee questioned whether it was necessary to include BSC 1421C on the list of Gen Ed courses to broaden offerings for students not in the program. There was discussion as to whether the course was a broad enough course, too narrowly defined, leads to a profession, transferability or not unique to an instructor to meet the criteria. Mike Bosley spoke to this and would like the course in Gen Ed and it will be taught on every campus to get into the Biotechnology Lake Nona program. Faculty felt it was broad enough and will be taught by several faculty. There was question about the course being specific to the field of biotechnology as was thought to be very narrowly defined and there are no other courses at the university level for transfer. It is designed for a non-science/stem major.  The philosophy is generally that if course is in AS degree it is not included in Gen Ed, i.e., engineering courses or computer science. Karen reminded the committee that PHY 1007, Physics with Medical Application, was approved previously which seems to parallel the BSC 2114C BioMed Tech course based on criteria as being specific to a field, so should the BSC 1421C course be considered the same in concept. GLY 2160, Geology of Natural Parks, was also raised.

The Biology faculty would like to revisit this question again.

3 Responses to “BSC 1421C Addition to General Education”

  1. Laura Sessions

    This course clearly gives our students the general education outcomes, and gives them skills that are applicable across all disciplines. Additionally, because of the current focus on college education as job training, and because of the limited credit hours that our students are permitted (based upon state restrictions limiting ‘excess’ credit hours), it is critical that we broaden the general education course offerings for our students to match their program needs.

  2. Andrew Piercy

    I agree with this change. This course covers general biology and will provide a good option for students needing a non-majors science option. I am not concerned about any transfer issues as we currently do not have data showing that this is an issue. Further, our students hopefully will be completing there 2 year degree at Valencia and not need to worry about transfers.

  3. Brian Butts

    I agree with the change because this will be beneficial to students who need a more “hands-on” approach to learning. Also, this class will help students learn the importance of semester-long record-keeping, something that is beneficial to both non-science and science disciplines alike.


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