Social Media Tips

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Creating a New Account

When creating a new social media account, please consider that you are representing Valencia College.

Communication Tips

  • Please review the college’s social media guidelines, which is based on the student code of conduct policy
  • Keep the tone friendly and conversational
  • Try to incorporate established hashtags: #valenciacollege, #valenciagrad, #valenciaproud, #valencialeaders
  • Keep in mind the importance of linking to websites or the events calendar for longer content.
  • Add an event or important date or deadline to Valencia’s Events Calendar
  • Use a URL shortener to help with limited character count (,, Google URL Shortener)
  • Realize that you can delete a tweet, but once it’s out there, it can’t be made to disappear
  • Use photos whenever you can, but try to ask the photo subjects for permission to take and use their photos on social media first; close-ups of people and candid shots make the best photo-ops
  • Use common sense in crafting a message—avoid snark, don’t stir up controversy, don’t make fun of people, don’t offend
  • Monitor engagement (have a plan for monitoring replies and private/direct messages, i.e. – customer support)
  • Follow up as quickly as possible if a student publishes a message about a problem that needs resolving
  • Be a responsible employee – you are responsible for and must know how to escalate an potential issue or threat that you observe

Account Creation Tips

  • Name should begin with “Valencia” or “Valencia College” where possible
  • Use the proper Valencia College brand colors (when applicable)
  • Use an appropriate icon and/or featured image
  • Download the Valencia Icon

Facebook Group vs. Page

As a “unit” of Valencia College, a Facebook Group is recommended instead of a Facebook Page.

To associate a Facebook Group with the Valencia College network, visit Groups at Valencia College.

Facebook Page
…allow entities such as public figures and organizations to broadcast information to their fans.”

Facebook Group
“..allow members to connect, share and even collaborate on a given topic or idea”.

Facebook Groups at Valencia College

Want to link an existing Group to Valencia College? Contact Us

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